Come To Me
(Live at the Temple Bar)

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The QuickTime version of "Come To Me Live at the Temple Bar" is available here in low resolution (15.4 MB) and high resolution (28.8 MB) versions. Downloading takes around 1 minute per MB at 56K modem speed. The video itself is about 7 minutes long.

This is a sample of the QuickTime video that comes with Velvet Chain's Live CD. The video on the CD will play directly from the CD Rom in your computer. It is 23 minutes long and contains 4 complete songs, including "Come To Me," "Frenchie," "Don't Leave A Diva," and a very unique version of "Strong." The live CD also contains a large Flash Photo Gallery.

"Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar"
CD available at the VC

Velvet Chain
on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"My One Desire"

Key Club, Hollywood, CA

(entire song)


"My One Desire is available on "Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar." To hear this version of the song, CLICK HERE

Live Video
Unreleased "Rock" version of the Velvet Chain song:

(This is actually the original version of the song on "Asteroid Belt called, "Jazz Crashing")

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Little Sugar
Key Club, Hollywood, CA
Oui Je L'Adore
Key Club, Hollywood, CA

Walk on Water
Key Club, Hollywood, CA



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Come To Me (Key Club)
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Frenchie (Key Club)

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