Triumph Of Love
(Astoria Performing Arts Center, New York, NY)

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"This Day Of Days"
(Phil Deyesso, Erika Amato,
Tripp Pettigrew,
Richard Rice Alan, Justin Birdsong)

Dimas and Hesione
size up
the new arrival...
(Justin Birdsong, Erika Amato)

attempts to woo
(Abby Baum, Erika Amato)

(Erika Amato, Abby Baum)

"The Tree" (Richard Rice Alan, Erika Amato)

"The Tree"
(Richard Rice Alan, Erika Amato)

(Richard Rice Alan, Erika Amato, Tripp Pettigrew)

"Maybe we'll meet someone at the wedding..."
(Richard Rice Alan, Erika Amato)