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Custom Velvet Chain Albums are made by Freak Records to your exact specifications. These are truly custom made, personalized CDs containing mastered, CD quality recordings, burned at industry standard "Redbook" specs -- these are real, full-blown albums, with very nice artwork. They're like the opposite of some cheezy compilation disc. This product is NICE.

You choose any 14 tracks and put them in any order you want. You can also choose to add a 15th "Mystery Track" if you want to. There are currently 61 Velvet Chain tracks to choose from, including some unreleased and/or out-of-print material.

You also choose the Artwork style you want (from among 10 choices), and You decide what's printed on the cover. Your artwork, titles, and song choices will appear on the cover and on the CD itself.

You have to hold one of these Custom CDs in your hands to really appreciate it. The product is no less than amazing, and so is the product quality. If you get one, you definitely won't be dissappointed. It's like, how can you not like it... it was made to your specs, just for you!

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Click on any of the Album Covers above to view them enlarged.

Custom Velvet Chain CD's are unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Artwork includes a CD cover, artwork on the CD itself, and a standardized back cover (tray card). You choose the artwork from among 10 styles.

PLUS, your name (or whatever name you wish) will be incorporated into the artwork design, and you can also have a personalized message and/or album title incorporated right into the cover and onto the CD.

For these reasons, the Custom CD's make extremely cool gifts. They are personalized and designed specifically for one individual and their tastes. It seems pretty unlikely that they're not going to like it!


Custom VC CD "Clones"

With the Custom VC Album, you can get Clones for only $7.00 each.

A Clone is an exact copy of your Custom CD, artwork and all.

Style 1 :: Desert Cover

Each Custom VC CD shows the date of manufacture, who it was made for, and carries
the Freak Records Label.
Over time, some covers will be "retired" and replaced by new designs.
(Only the first 100 VC CD's have serial numbers)

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The 61 music choices below contain all the Velvet Chain tracks released on Warm, The Buffy EP, Moody Groove Music, and Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar. In addition, there are several unreleased, rare, out of print, instrumental, or otherwise "unavailable" tracks to choose from. All tracks are professionally mastered at industry standards.

Notes about the Song Catalog:
The instrumental versions are typically not "traditional" instrumentals, where the vocal melody is played by a horn or a string section or something like that. These instrumentals are essentially mastered mixes without the lead vocal track. The descriptions under "Style" are there to provide a rough idea for each song. The term "Rock" indicates that the song has a harder edge to it, particularly in the area of guitar. The term "Pop" indicates that the song probably does not have heavy guitars in it, but other than that, could mean anything. The term "Trip" generally indicates that the song has some weirdness going on and is likely to be a bit more "modern" sonically and/or more "experimental" in terms of instrumentation, arrangements, etc.

You can hear an excerpt of every track in either RealAudio or MP3 format. The song excerpts vary from 30 to 60 seconds in length.

If you have any questions or comments please email us. <SEND EMAIL >


1 Al l Your Cash
Bluesy Groove Pop 3:32 J.Stacy This is the orginal version. A completely different version appears on the "Asteroid Belt" album, and is called, "Cash." It's the same composition, however.
2 Angel Theme
Groove Pop 3:18 J.Stacy A much requested track from the Buffy crowd. Was almost the theme to the Angel TV show (which ultimately went to a song by the cool band, Darling Violetta).

Beyond Time

Retro Groove Pop 3:39 J.Stacy About the Heaven's Gate group, and going on that Hale Bop space rendevous thing they did... and how they had nothing to lose, and how, you never know...maybe they made it.
4 Beyond Time (Inst.)
Retro Groove Pop 3:39 J.Stacy
5 Buffy (She'sthe Slayer)
Moody Groove Rock 5:19 J.Stacy,E. Amato (With help from the Bronzers) VC's kitschy Buffy theme, made up after the band 's experience being on the show, and being on the Buffy Posting Board (online) with "the Bronzers. "Also, Seth Green "Oz" plays some guitar on it.
6 Can't Stay Away
Mellow Dark Pop 2:55 J.Stacy,E. Amato A VC sleeper. Quietly popular. Recorded in one day at a rogue recording session set up on the fly.
7 Can't Stay Away (Inst.)
Mellow Dark Pop 2:55 J.Stacy,E. Amato
8 Come to Me
Trip Groove Funk Rock 5:39 J.Stacy Classic, much requested VC. Very much the VC vibe.
9 Come to Me - Live
Trip Groove Funk Rock 6:18 J.Stacy Classic VC Live. (Erika likes the Live versions.)
10 Come to Me - Lounge
Trip Groove Funk Rock 6:06 J.Stacy Semi-acoustic version. (Jeff likes the lounge versions.)
11 Don't Leave A Diva
Trip-Hop 3:33 J.Stacy,J. Brucker An enduring and endearing one. Spoken-word with fun chourses.
12 Don't Leave A Diva (Inst.)
Trip-Hop 3:33 J.Stacy
13 Don't Leave A Diva - Live
Trip-Hop FunkRock 6:39 J.Stacy,J. Brucker A much different version. (Erika loves this one.)
14 Emily
Dark Pop 4:51 J.Stacy A long time fave of many VC fans. High on the list.
15 Fall Away
Mellow Pop 3:54 J.Stacy,A. Calamusa A beauty. If you like the pretty stuff, pick this one.
16 Fall Away (Inst.)
Mellow Pop 3:54 J.Stacy,A. Calamusa Very nice guitars.


Techno Trip Groove 4:00 J.Stacy,E. Amato Most radio play of any VC song, and one of the weirdest ones.
18 Frenchie - Extended Club Mix
Techno Trip Groove 8:43 J.Stacy,E. Amato Made by Jeff Stacy for the Buffy EP.
19 Frenchie - Live
TripFunk Rock 5:24 J.Stacy,E. Amato Much different than album version. Heavier. Crazy guitars.
20 Frenchie - Idea Version
Trip-Hop 2:33 J.Stacy,E. Amato It all started with a message on Jeff's answering machine... Erika leaving a message with some wack French accent.
21 Groovy Side
Country Groove Whatever 3:15 J.Stacy This is an oddball song, even for Velvet Chain. A lot of people say they like it, but the band is somewhat skeptical on this one.
22 I Don't Care
Dark Trip Pop 6:51 J.Stacy,E. Amato Recorded in the living room, and put on the Buffy EP. Another quietly popular song. It's a good choice.
23 Little Sugar
Groove Funk Rock 3:51 J.Stacy Many people have stated the opinion that this song is Velvet Chain's "big "hit." Who the hell knows... If it sounds good, turn it up.
24 Little Sugar (Inst.)
Groove Funk Rock 3:51 J.Stacy
25 Little Sugar - Lounge
Groove Funk Rock 4:31 J.Stacy Sexier, with acoustic guitars. Could be the best "recording" on theLiveAlbum.
26 Lovin' Ain't So Easy
Jazzy,Trip-Hop Pop 4:50 J.Stacy First recorded Velvet Chain song and first VC song on the radio. It's definitely in the top 10 VC songs ever, at least according to me, and I'm writing this thing.
27 Medicine Man
GroovePop 4:16 J.Stacy,S. Storey A cruiser - probably one of VC's best-written songs.
28 Medicine Man (Inst.)
GroovePop 4:16 J.Stacy,S. Storey Excellent instrumental choice.
29 My One Desire
Alt.Rock 3:12 J.Stacy This is the only straight-up studio track on the Live Album. Erika tears this one up.
30 My One Desire (Inst.)
Alt.Rock 3:12 J.Stacy Sweet Baritone guitar.
31 Oui Je L'Adore
EuroSwing Pop 3:19 F.Loizeau,S. Ocon Vocals in French, and a very popular song live - Brian's fave. (Brian plays the sweet Gretsch and Baritone guitars).
32 Oui Je L'Adore (Inst.)
EuroSwing Pop 3:19 F.Loizeau,S. Ocon
33 Sour Times
Alt.Hard Rock 2:40 Portishead Hardrock cover of the song that put Trip-Hop on the map. This is a strange cover tune on about 15 levels. Also, if most of your song choices arethe softer, easier ones, this track is going to seriously disrupt your vibe.
34 Sour Times (Inst.)
Alt.Hard Rock 2:40 Portishead Krunchy.
35 Sour Times - Live
Alt.Hard Rock 2:37 Portishead Faster and harsher.
36 Southwestern
Southwestern Pop 3:04 J.Stacy,E. Amato, D. Fraga, B. Reardon This song is somewhat insulting to people who have decorated their house in the recently popular "Southwestern" style. Our apologies to those people. We're kind of kidding.
37 Strong (Original Version)
Trip-Hop Pop 4:27 J.Stacy,Erika Amato Probably the most well-known VC song. It's the one on the Buffy Soundtrack, which sold about 300,000 copies worldwide. So this song has an unfair advantage over the other songs, and because of this, the other songs are pissed.
38 Strong (Warm Version)
Modern Pop 3:20 J.Stacy,Erika Amato More upbeat, pop-oriented version of "Strong." Especially cool turntables that were actually done by Jeff and Erika -- Jeff on the record and Erikaon the mixer. (And then Jeff in the computer).
39 Strong - Live
Country Swing Pop 3:30 J.Stacy,Erika Amato
A completely different, odd, totally out of left field "Velvet Chain special" version of the song. Brian started it.
40 Sun Setting Sun
Dark Modern Pop 3:41 J.Stacy A rare, early track, with a lot of vintage VC astmosphere.
41 Time and Days
Groove Rock Pop 4:42 J.Stacy People who like this song seem to really like it a lot. Plans are to record thisone again, sometime in the future.
42 Treason
Dark Pop 4:14 J.Stacy,E. Amato, T. Calzini One of VC's most popular songs ever - Jeff's best lyrics - vocals recordedin a closet. It sounds like she's in your head, which is what the songis about.
43 Treason (Inst.)
Dark Pop 4:14 J.Stacy,E. Amato, T. Calzini
44 Treason - Euro Mix
Euro Techno Pop 4:39 J.Stacy,E. Amato, T. Calzini An odd one. You have to really like tweezy techno stuff. Jeff didn't do this mix, except for the end part, which is the best part of the song by far...hehe
45 Treason - Live
Dark Pop 5:06 J.Stacy,E. Amato, T. Calzini Excellent version of what is arguably VC's best song.
46 Wait for Me
Cruisin' Groove Pop 4:55 J.Stacy,E. Amato Good driving music. Fun for the band to play.
47 Wait for Me (Inst.)
Cruisin' Groove Pop 4:55 J.Stacy,E. Amato A favorite instrumental of Jeff's.
48 Walk on Water
Trippy Groove Pop 4:17 J.Stacy,E. Amato One of Erika's faves - and Jeff's too. Maybe the most "Velvet Chain"songthere is... well... and "Come To Me."
49 Walk on Water (Inst.)
Trippy Groove Pop 4:17 J.Stacy,E. Amato Very nice - highly recommended instrumental.
50 Warm
Alt. Rock 2:53 J.Stacy High energy, dirty VC. Features Jeff's patented fuzz bass sound and a blazing vocal by Erika. The song shreds.
51 Warm Bad Kitty Mix
Techno Trip-Hop 7:12 J.Stacy A completely different take on the song using isolated samples from the Warm Turbo Remix. Remixed by a couple friends of Jeff's named Billy and Andy.
52 Warm Turbo Remix
Funky Groove Pop 6:11 J.Stacy Jeff Stacy's remixed version of Warm. It kicks ass.
53 Warm Turbo Remix (Inst.)
Funky Groove Pop 6:11 J.Stacy
54 Watching You
Trip-Hop Pop 7:34 J.Stacy,A. Costa, E.Amato Jeff's favorite VC production. This one is a "connected" piece withboth live drums and loops. Features Brian's signature VG8 guitar sound.
55 Watching You (Inst.)
Trip-Hop Pop 7:34 J.Stacy
56 Why Can't You Behave
Jazz Standard 4:35 ColePorter Erika and Velvet Chain do a jazz standard. It came out super nice.
57 Why Can't You Behave (Inst.)
Jazz Standard 4:35 ColePorter What the song sounds like without vocals. Ha ha ha..
58 You Got Me
Funky Groove Alt. Pop 3:37 J.Stacy It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.
59 You Got Me (Inst.)
Funky Groove Alt. Pop 3:37 J.Stacy A good one.
60 You Got Me - Live
Funky Groove Alt. Pop 4:46 J.Stacy Kicks ass.
61 You Got Me - Lounge
Funky Groove Alt. Pop 3:59 J.Stacy "It's funky 'cause it's slower."

Top Ten - All Time
Most Popular Song Choices
For VC Custom Albums

1. Treason 6. Emily
2. Strong (Original Ver.) 7. Treason
3. Fall Away 8. Don't Leave A Diva
4. All Your Cash 9. Sun Setting Sun
5. Watching You 10. Lovin' Ain't So Easy

Custom VC Album
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:   A:
When will the tracks from "Asteroid Belt" become available for the Custom Albums?   Aiming for March, 2004.
This web page could be improved.   We know. We'd just like to say that our main objective was to make this page perfectly functional. We're not trying to win any website design contests. We just want to do this idea, and be the first to do it this way. Inevitably, there will be improvements.
What's with the Mystery Track?   The Mystery Track is an optional "bonus" track selected for you based on your other selections.
In the song menus, what does "Random Song (no repeats)" mean?   "Random Song (no repeats)" is like song lotto. It means that a song from the VC catalog will be selected at random for that slot, and it won't be a repeat of anything else chosen on your song list. It's different from the "Mystery Track" in that it is selected at complete random, not based on your other selections. It's a wild card, and you can have as many as you want.
What's the deal with all the instrumental tracks?  

Mastered Instrumental tracks are very useful for Film and TV, plus, they are great versions of the songs, surprisingly different without the vocal. An interesting and pleasurable listening experience is what we like to say. They are highly recommended.

Can I get more than 15 tracks?   It is theoretically possible, but not on this webpage. If you email Jeff Stacy, you can probably talk him into doing it.
I had the menu half filled out, and somehow, my choices got blown out -- what happened?  

Well, we've done our best to set up the webpage so that the menu doesn't get blown-out before you press the submit button. However, this can happen with some browsers, etc. It's not supposed to happen though (especially if you don't navagate off the page).

Why is the Custom VC Album more money than the other Velvet Chain CD's?


The production of these customized CD's is extremely time-consuming because each one has to be made individually, and we don't cut any corners on quality. The CD's look and sound incredibly great. In reality, offering a custom-made product like this is very difficult and not entirely practical from a "business" standpoint. We do it anyway though, because we want to.

Why aren't other bands doing this?  

Perhaps they will soon. Many indie bands don't have enough mastered material for an idea like this to make a lot of sense. You need a reasonable amount of choices, or it's kind of dumb. Plus, setting up a webpage like this is no small task, and fulfilling the orders isn't either. VC has been selling product on the internet for a pretty long time, so we're set up for it, and we're good at it.

The first 100 CD's had individual serial numbers. Why did that stop?   We thought it would be cool to have a unique serial number on each CD, but it proved too hard to manage. (We kept screwing up the numbers). Each CD is inherently unique anyway, so the unique serial number is superfluous (not worth the trouble).



Custom VC Album Suggestions/Ideas

VC Edgy CD
VC Trip CD
VC Party CD
1.My One Desire 1.Watching You 1.Oui Je L'Adore 1.Time and Days
2.Sour Times 2.Walk on Water 2.Strong (Warm) 2.Beyond Time
3.Time and Days 3.Come To Me (Live) 3.Little Sugar 3.Don't Leave A Diva
4.Come to Me 4.Frenchie Ext. Club Mix 4.You Got Me 4.Fall Away
5.Warm 5.Strong (Original Version) 5.Frenchie (Warm) 5.Emily
6.Frenchie Live 6.Lovin' Ain't So Easy 6.Warm Turbo Remix 6.Oui Je L'Adore
7.Little Sugar 7.Medicine Man 7.My One Desire 7.Little Sugar (Lounge)
8.Sour Times (Live) 8.You Got Me (Lounge) 8.Sour Times 8.Treason
9.Southwestern 9.Come to Me (Lounge) 9.Don't Leave A Diva (Live) 9.Southwestern
10.You Got Me 10.Walk on Water (Inst.) 10.Wait for Me 10.Why Can't You Behave
11.Don't Leave A Diva (Live) 11.Frenchie 11.Come to Me 11.Medicine Man
12.Warm Turbo Remix 12.Beyond Time 12.Frenchie (Live) 12.Strong (Original Version)
13.Angel Theme 13.I Don't Care 13.Warm 13.Strong (Warm)
14.Buffy (she's the slayer) 14.Warm Bad Kitty Mix 14.Why Can't You Behave 14.Wait for Me

First 100 Custom VC Albums Ever Produced

Serial# Owner From...
1 Dan Bixby California
2 Jonathan Rissman California
3 Tamyka Bell Australia
4 Al Calamusa, Jr. California
5 Jeff Stacy California
6 Matheu Bourque California
7 Michael Eames California
7 Erika Amato California
9 Paul Amato New Jersey
10 Brian Reardon California
11 Deborah Jelinek Massachusetts
12 Gene Kirkwood New Jersey
13 Steve Werbelow California
14 James Williams California
15 Howard Brull Canada
16 Skidz (Mark Waddoups) U.K.
17 Andrew Hubbard Florida
18 Bella (Julie Seaman) Virginia
19 Marc Hoogerwerf the Netherlands
20 Little Willow (Allie Costa) California
21 Wax Tadpole (Robert Olsen) Maryland
22 Stephanie Griffin California
23 Marc Hoogerwerf the Netherlands
24 Sarah (from Julie Bartel) Utah
25 Julie Bartel Utah
26 Elizabeth Wenzel Illinois
27 John Schoenberger California
28 Maranda (from Vaughn Bouchard) Maine
29 Jena Mays Texas
30 DeAnna Burnett Tennessee
31 Karl Partch California
32 Karl Partch California
33 Annmaree Shipley Australia
34 Ben Henderson England
35 Natalie Bauer Illinois
36 Natalie Bauer Illinois
37 Lucas Atmanagara Australia
38 Holly Phillips England
39 Alissa Erin Frankovich California
40 Alissa Erin Frankovich California
41 Ramon Lambert Australia
42 Adam Goodfellow England
43 Jane G. Mak Arizona
44 Lorri Gums California
45 Mark Safransky Virginia
46 Craig Fox England
47 Andrea Jamison Illinois
48 Jenni Tetzlaff Wisconsin
49 Chris (from Amy Bart) Texas
50 Cosmic Bob (Bob Clinton) Minnesota
51 Nina Moreland Canada
52 Kellyn Hoffman Pennsylvania
53 Lisa Eastham Nevada
54 Troy Wood California
55 Lisa Kelly New York
56 Pedro Zavala Mosqueda Mexico
57 Paul Walker England
58 Patrick Murphy Ireland
59 Michelle Silvestre England
60 Ally Wobensmith Pennsylvania
61 Tanya Masters England
62 Nick Poulsson Ireland
63 Nick Poulsson Ireland
64 Nick Poulsson Ireland
65 Sarah Simmonds England
66 Cerise Reed England
67 Thomas McCudden California
68 Jacqui Napier England
69 Jeff Libby Canada
70 Adam Griffin Maryland
71 Emett Allen Grimes California
72 Christine R. Ohio
73 Christine R. Ohio
74 Julie Seaman Virginia
75 Julie Seaman Virginia
76 Tim Fry England
77 Andrew James England
78 James Laughland Canada
79 James Laughland Canada
80 Brooke Fishman Ohio
81 Max Knight New York
82 Ken Gibb (First Picture CD) Scotland
83 Andrew Fischer California
84 Eric Kirkhuff California
85 Mary Beth (from Kelley/Kathy Agee) Georgia
86 Jim Maloney Indiana
Sarah and Michael Kalla
Cynthia Lin
New York
Christophe Philippe
Jeff Stacy
Paulina O'Brien
92 Cindy Rivas-Calamusa California
93 Sophia Bagiatis Australia
94 Phil Huish England
95 Yvonne Creamer (for Sammy Jo) England
96 Sophia Bagiatis Australia
97 Jennifer Nicholls England
98 Tracy Shields Tennessee
99 Nevenka Koprivica Canada
Jeremy Morton