Beyond Time - Instrumental
J. Stacy / B. Reardon


Obviously, the instrumental version of "Beyond Time" has no lyrics. However, if it did, they would go like this:

Well you try to see beyond time
To face the questions you have now
You want to see what's in
The grand design
Well it's a crime to see that now

We can never let you down
If you're out of town
Tthe world would not admit you
You have run aground
Your ship is passing near
You are out of here
Your life will now submit to you...

Well you packed all your clothes
You're ready for the rendezvous
You've been told is due...

And you'll pay the price
By living out your life half-way
That's not much to you...

So you're gonna see beyond time
Gonna fly up off the ground
You're gonna understand
The master plan
Can't even see what you have now

Well you freed all those souls
Forever haunting you, and they
Broke the mold - on you...
And you said good bye
As soon as you could fly away
Sounded good to you
The perfect thing to do

Well it all comes around
You'll have your destination anyway
It's not up and it's not down
It's just a rainy or a sunny day