Angel Theme
J. Stacy


The "Angel Theme" does not have any lyrics, so we'll use this space to tell you how the track came about...

As the story goes, while developing the Buffy spinoff TV series "Angel," the Producers were not satisfied with the theme songs being submitted for the show from their initial sources, so they put out the word that they were reviewing themes submitted from additional, independent sources.

Apparantly, several themes were submitted by various artists, including one by MOBY. Jeff Stacy decided to compose and submit a theme for the show, and Velvet Chain's "Angel Theme" is the result of that effort.

Word is that Velvet Chain's "Angel Theme" was almost selected, and, in fact, came in second place. In the end, however, the producers decided to go with a more classically based and quite eletgant cello-oriented theme submitted by the band Darling Violetta.