Erika Amato Coaching Services
"Erika was great to work with! She's one of the hardest working performers I know. She not only helped me extend my vocal range but offered insight and encouragement as well. Highly recommended!" - Blake L.

"Working with Erika was a great experience. She helped me reconnect to some vocal techniques I'd forgotten about and made me feel more grounded in my singing. She's got the knowledge, the experience, the chops, and best of all, a sense of humor. I would highly recommend coaching with the great Erika Amato." - Paul G.

"An insightful and extraordinarily talented actress. She is accomplished and utterly professional. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."
- Sheryl D..

“Working with Erika is an amazing and enlightening experience. I am able to learn and delve into a monologue and get to a place I never thought I could. Her positive feedback is a huge confidence builder.” - Molly M. L.


Representation for Theatre, Film, and Television:
The Carson/Kolker Organization
212-221-1517 or barrykolkerorg [at]

All other inquiries/correspondence:

e-mail: erikaamato [at]

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Erika Amato

Erika Amato